Hi there! My name is April Joy Durham and I run this lovely little website full time from home where I live with my husband, two cats, and a brand new puppy that currently has me on “new mommy” hours!

I graduated in 2007 with two B.A. degrees – one in Advertising and one in Radio/TV/Digital Media Production. Immediately after graduation, I found a love for blogging, which turned to blog design, and eventually developed into a full-fledged blog and web design business!

Since 2008 I have designed over one thousand blogs and websites, have spoken at two conferences, and have even started The Blog Designer Network, which is a website dedicated to helping blog designers network and learn from like-minded peers.

In 2012, Creative Girl Media was born and just recently re-branded. My goal for Creative Girl Media is to provide inspiration, a wide range of services, and a completely real and involved online persona that truly speaks to my audience. I truly believe in the power of forming meaningful online relationships, and know from experience that it’s possible to do so!