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What I Learned While Away from the Internet for 3 Weeks

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Well hello! It has been awhile, and boy are there some stories and new things I have to tell you all about!  Since I dropped off the face of this blog, I’ve had many inquiries asking 1) if I was still alive and 2) If I could make a website for them.  So here’s the big secret…

The last time I blogged it was May 11, and May 12th I had gastric bypass surgery.  Since then, I have been in the hospital 6 times!  Yes, they know me well down at the ER and of course the bariatric floor.  Of course, I haven’t blogged every detail because, honestly, no one wants to hear that over and over – right?  Well, luckily my doctor found the culprit (hopefully), and here I am… 50lbs lighter and ready to tackle the fall and winter influx of websites, logo designs, and new classes.  I’m so excited about it, I can barely break “into it slowly” as everyone I know and who cares about me suggests.  In fact, I need something to keep my mind occupied because now that I don’t really eat food like I used to, keeping my hands busy is vital.  I even learned calligraphy while in the hospital.  Seriously.  Most recently, I was off the internet and on the mend for 3 solid weeks, and I’m going to share some of the things I did while not at my computer.  The top are some recent logos I DID design with a computer, and the bottom gallery is what I did without a computer.



 (Hop out of your blog reader to see the portfolio of images!)

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Tangible paper and pen are new faves as well.  I’ve been obsessed with card making and calligraphy, and yes…even playing with some crayons!  Everyone loves crayons when they’re sick!


 (Hop out of your blog reader to see the portfolio of images!)

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That said, here is what I’m promoting now to get YOU and your business prepared for fall and winter…the busiest time of the year for many of us!

Custom Website and e-Commerce Design (25% off through the end of August)

Whatever your selling, a gorgeous custom website to sell it on it absolutely crucial.  As usual, I design and build the website, but of course teach you how to update and maintain it too.  We can Skype, meet, talk on the phone… I’m not afraid of getting to know you and learning about you, however you’re most comfortable!  This also includes a custom made logo, and lots of lovely extras.


- Maintenance packages:  Don’t want to update your website?  Not a social media guru?  For a monthly fee I take care of all the advertising and marketing your website needs to be successful.  After all, I DO have a B.A. in Advertising and using it to both our advantage would be perfectly logical.

- Calligraphic logos:  While in the hospital, I used to be able to work.  Then I got a desktop Mac and that all changed.  So instead, I learned calligraphy.  I’m pretty excited about it, and have created some gorgeous logos so far.  But you know, if you wanted one I might die of happiness. (25% off as well if ordered without website.)

Just some ideas for a recent client!

calligraphic logos

2.  Launched! Website Design Class

Some people are DIYers at heart.  That’s me too, girl.  I get it.  So if you truly have the time to spend learning how to create, design, and yes even CODE your own website – this class is for you.

3.  One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes, the mysteries of social media marketing, graphic design, or whatever is wracking your brain can’t be summed up in a single class.  So I tailor it to your needs, and we go from there.  (25% off custom coaching through August as well.)

So, now that I’m on the mend and looking for some fabulous websites to design using my fancy new skills and a LOT of “me” time and “rest” time – I think we all know the next few websites I create are going to be the best ones yet!  Contact me and let’s get the ball rolling!

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